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A brief history of yoga: a journey into how this ancient practice has developed

Yoga is rooted in a thousand-year old culture. From the Vedas to modern practices, here’s all you need to know about the history of yoga. Have you ever wondered when the history of yoga began? This practice dates back to ancient times, with the Indus Valley Civilisation (3000-1800 BCE), and the Quetta, Harappan, and Mohenjo Daro civilisations. […]

Top 9 Yoga Myths and Facts – We have to know about Classical Yoga

Shri Yogendraji’s (1897–1989) noble mission was to bring Yoga out of the forest hermitages and make it freely and easily accessible to the masses – be it men, women, young and old, sick and healthy, people of all castes, communities, and living in different parts of the world. The Father of ‘Modern Yoga Renaissance,’ showed […]